Sunday, February 8, 2009

Preparing for the 13th and 14th

I have a post coming soon. I am formulating my thoughts. This Friday is Friday the 13th and Saturday is Saturday the 14th. Ansley left this world on July Saturday 14th. When these dates match up every so often like they do this weekend it is very hard. So, I think this week I am going to tell her story of her last day on earth (Friday, July 13th) and the day that I found she was no longer with us (Saturday July 14th at 8:15 am). I just need to prepare myself to share this. I love you Ansley-Bug!

This picture was taken the Tuesday before she passed away. We were in Mississippi visiting her Grandpa Knoop, Grandma Jane, Aunt Vicki, and her favorite cousins Hannah and Brittany. As you can see she is happy, full of life, and super healthy.